I created this blog because what I have to say about corporate responsibility can’t all be said in 140 characters…

Actually, I created this blog for a few reasons.

Much of my work is in the area of corporate responsibility and business sustainability.  Although we as a society have come a long way in this space, there is still much to be learned and much to be done.   This blog aims to engage and support those who would further the art and science of corporate responsibility and business sustainability, whether as a practitioner, a consumer, or any other kind of interested party.

But I am frequently reminded, especially as I read and watch the daily news, that corporate responsibility and business sustainability requires a broader contextual frame.  There are matters of public and personal responsibility that are relevant to, and must also be considered in, deliberations of corporate responsibility.  So this blog will also explore this broader context, to help make sense of corporate responsibility and related topics, like sustainability and ethics.

Finally, this blog was inspired by real people whom I call Shoestring Practitioners.  A Shoestring Practitioner is someone with a passion for doing good, for doing the right thing, for doing things better, but who is working on a shoestring:  constrained in his or her efforts by a lack of resources, such as staff, time, money, or organizational support.  I know quite a few Shoestring Practitioners.  Sometimes they make incredible progress.  Too often they are pushing a rope (or, if they don’t have a rope, a shoestring).  The Great Recession made things even more challenging for the Shoestring Practitioner.  They need all the help they can get.  I hope this blog will serve as a useful resource for them.

I’ll try to address any specific requests for information or guidance that Shoestring Practitioners (or any other kind of reader) might have.  To begin with, I’ve added a series of links to resources I find most useful.  I’ll add to and refine these links as time goes on, and discuss additional resources in new posts.

You’ll find that my content will emphasize, but not be limited to, the Canadian scene.

Depending on how things go – how the blog is received and what kind of feedback I get on the content – I may eventually re-organize the blog content to better meet user needs.

Let me know what you think and what your responsibility challenges are.  Feedback is always welcome.

  1. Looks great Celesa.

    Love the clean design. Can’t wait to see what you really think now you’ve got the space to elaborate!

    Good luck.


  2. hello Celesa, a great BIG welcome to the (CSR) blogosphere. Delighted to be able to read your thoughts, insights and advice in real sentences and paragraphs, and with fewer hashtags 🙂 Blogging is addictive, so be careful …

    Thanks for putting the CSR Reporting blog on your blogroll.. I shall immediately add yours in anticipation of many interesting new posts.

    Warm regards, elaine

    • Dave Meyer
    • September 15th, 2010

    Celesa- very nice start to what is decidedly a vital issue in the business world today. I look forward to your insight. With your permission I would like to add your site to my blog roll (at http://www.valuestream2009.wordpress.com) and hope that you will reciprocate.

    Best- Dave R. Meyer (@DRMeyer1)

    • Thanks, Dave! I appreciate your positive feedback! Of course, please do add my blog to your blogroll and I’ll add yours to mine (new to me too!)

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