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The Optimistic Responsibility Advocate

As you might surmise from the time that has elapsed since my last post, I’ve been busy! Before another month goes by, however, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some of the projects and initiatives I’m working on that have taken up so much of my time lately, and share some observations I’ve made along the way.

Sustainable Building

Courtesy of CMLC

In 2007, the City of Calgary established the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation to oversee the community revitalization of the Rivers District in the City Centre.  East Village, the birthplace of Calgary, had, over the years, become neglected and characterized by crime, social issues, and infrastructure problems.   CMLC has developed a new Master Plan for the area, which envisions a prosperous, mixed-use, sustainable community in Calgary’s downtown core.  Since last year, I’ve been working with CMLC to develop a sustainability strategy that will help translate that vision into reality on the ground.   Read on – it’s worth it!

Tailoring a Bespoke CR Strategy: Why You Should Engage Employees

If you had a chance to take part in or review the #CSRchat on Twitter this week, you will have gleaned some key points about employee engagement in the context of corporate responsibility:  what it means; some examples of who’s doing it well; what might be required to undertake employee engagement; how it might be measured; who might be involved.  But, surprisingly, not too much was said about the benefits of undertaking employee engagement – perhaps there just wasn’t enough time!

Some of the benefits that I heard from other participants included “a heightened emotional and intellectual connection that an employee has for his/her job/organization” (@TCBCCS), “sparks positive feedback” (@gchesman), and “ideas from many sources, action from many sources, creativity and interest in the company beyond the job duties” (@EXAIR_KE).

I thought I would use this post to describe some of the benefits that I have found after conducting the kind of employee engagement I described in my post last week [Advice for the Shoestring Practitioner: Sustainability Mapping, January 31, 2011], in the context of developing corporate responsibility (CR) strategies. Read on!

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